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L.A. Rush the Video Game: A Review

You are a professional racer and a major tournament is coming up. Unfortunately, someone has stolen all your cars before the big day and it's your duty to get back what is rightfully yours.

Set in an open world, L.A Rush features the streets of Los Angeles as the backdrop to your personal war.

Where to find it?

L.A. Rush the game is currently available on multiple gaming consoles including Playstation 2, Xbox, and PC. It was also released for the Playstation portable (PSP) under the name of "Rush".


With giants such as GTA and Need for Speed taking over the Racing game genre, L.A. Rush video game has been facing some very stiff competition. This includes casino games such as bingo, which is no longer restricted to land-based bingo halls and can be accessed on mobile and PC for real money wins. Online bingo casinos at even allow players to bet on more than one card at once, making the game more exciting than ever before.


As storylines for acing games go, L.A. Rush game has one of the better ones. Trikz (you) is on a mission and fighting the good fight of good vs. evil. You're trying to win back the cars that have been stolen from you and each win adds another to your arsenal. If you like winning, maybe you should up the stakes? Video games are certainly good fun, but to up the ante, check out the latest online slots for real money. To try the newest online slots for free with no download required, visit grizzlygambling.


Although the game doesn't provide a car customization feature as its counterparts do, it does offer a large selection of real world cars such as the Hummer and Oldsmobile Cutlass. Other than the traditional cars, you can find some models created by the developers Midway. These are created to be superior to the other ones features in the game.


The game play and graphics do the game justice. The in-game sequences for car crashes however are the highlight of the game. The developers have certainly put a lot of work into the game. You can even see spectacularly large car crashes at they are toppled and fly across the screen with particles thrown all over the place.

Be wary of the cops

This game also has an outrageous number of cop cars patrolling the streets. While these cars don't do much other than try to run you out of the game, they can become difficult to contend with due to their sheer volume. The in-game traffic is also much more than the traditional racing game, emulating the real world.


The sounds of L.A. Rush the game do justice to the graphics and greatly enhance the overall experience. Other than the great soundtrack, it also has some great atmospheric sounds. You can hear the air whipping past you as you whiz through the streets of LA. They've covered everything; engine noises, tires screeching, and the hiss of nitrous release.


Although the setting itself isn't unique, the developers have managed to recreate a massive area of LA which seems to go on for hours.